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8v8 Mini Tourney with O50 from Indy, Sunday 6/23

Tomorrow, Sunday at 4:00 pm, on Fields #5A and #5B will be the kick-off of our anticipated 8v8 mini tournament.

Indy O50 from Indianapolis will bring their very best. With the ok of the Indy team and likely have four (4) teams, we will plan the following: The mini tournament will have all teams play each other, with each team playing three games, each 25 minutes long. We will start with Indy O50 playing FWSC O50 on #5A. The other two teams play on #5B in the first round.

There will be BBQ and beverages (including beer) afterwards. Please bring your spouse and kids. If you come, please bring one side dish, dessert, bread etc. Martin and Kiko will bring and prepare the meat for the BBQ.

We will have a great time celebrating the camaraderie and friendship between Indy and Fort Wayne soccer player.

Richard, Joe, Scott, George and others, please come early as we have to move the large goals into place.

..... let's hope the weather holds....


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