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Post-Match and Pics, Friday Night Soccer May 31st

Our first Friday Night Soccer in 2019 was played with 34 players joining us for a match on beautiful grass in the coveted stadium arena. The white team went ahead leading early with 4:1, causing some suggestions within the white team to swap players. The idea was abandoned when the Blues suddenly keep scoring and finishing 6:4 in regular time. In extra time "last goal wins", the Whites were successful.

First Friday Night Soccer in 2019

Below is Jon Ormiston leading a counter attack for the white team. Jason Schrader is trying to stop the advance, when Joe Bellavance separates from his defender Neil Day awaiting a pass. Eric Tippmann is ready open as a second option for Jon to pass....

White Team Counter-Attack

Best player of the match was Harry Miranda, scoring four goals for Blue. (one was questionable from an offside position but we don't want to mention it). One volley from 5 yards hit the goal post so hard that its thunder could be heard as far as Huntington....

MVP Harry Miranda, center, with Jose Del Cid, left and Arturo Figueroa

Supporting the match was the WAGS (Wives, Athletes, and Girlfriends of Soccer) with ordering pizza for after the match. Carole was managing the 10-minute time clock for mandatory substitutions.

Members of the WAGS (Wives, Athletes, and Girlfriends of Soccer) Group with Betsy Magner, Christy Pinkley (also Athlete playing the match), Carole Splendore, Vicky Zumbraegel and Kimberley Atarama (left to right)

Glad to have these two good friends in the match, both playing for blue. There is more and a good story to this picture. Both were awarded with an envied trophy during the winter indoor season of Friday Night Soccer.

Harry Miranda and Roberto Splendore

Richard Castaneda, top left, invited his family to play. Richard, his two brothers and his daughter Alessandra played for the white team. Alessandra scored the 1:1 with a well placed shot from 20 yards in the upper right corner, leaving goalie Nick Balmoria no chance. Alessandra's father and her two uncles ended the game scoreless.

The Castaneda Family, soccer through and through


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