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Friday Night Soccer 6/28, TOC Training, Food Truck Monterrico

Friday Night Soccer will start on time at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Field #1. Please come early to stretch and get ready. Please do not come late as it causes disruption, new game setup, and confusion. Not fair to come late and cause mayhem.

On Field #2 we will have FWSC teams practicing that will present us at the Tournament of Champions for Region II (TOC) and of July. The are the Open Division (FWSC 1st Team), O30, O40 and Women. If you like to play more competitively, I am sure you are invited to practice with them on Friday.

FWSC Members after a tournament win

Also come and play hungry. Starting at 8:00 pm, Food Truck Monterrico, operated by Luis Castaneda, will serve your favorite food, see below Luis's food menu.


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