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CIASA 8v8 Tournament this weekend

This weekend the FWSC O40 Fussballer and the FWSC O50 Legends play in the CIASA 8v8 Tournament.

For any players that made it on the roster for either team, please keep it easy tonight at Friday Night Soccer. We need fresh legs this weekend.  The FWSC O50 team is probably the strongest team we have ever had to play in a tournament, world-class stuff.  The oh so bitter 2nd place from last year due to an unknown rule (clean sheet is awarded with a 4th point, somebody didn't tell the players) is still dragging in our hearts. It's time we bring the cup home, that we earned already last year.

The CIASA Tournament is played at at Lawrence Soccer Complex at 5301 North Franklin Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46226.

Here is the schedule of play:


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