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Cultural Night at the FWSC this Friday Aug 23

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

This Friday, right after our Friday Night Soccer, we will be celebrating our many FWSC members from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  Authentic Food is made by FWSC families from these continents and region. 

The Cultural Night starts at 8pm, right after Friday Night Soccer that starts on time at 6:30pm or early once 22 players show.  If more than 22 players show, mandatory subs (I keep the time) every 12 minutes.  Once over 30 players show we will form a third team, swapping every 15 minutes.

Please make sure to bring a white, dark blue and a red jersey.

Teams will 40+ and 50+ with players under 40 evenly distributed. If you have not done so, please sign the FWSC Liability Waiver before playing.  

Friday Night Soccer is for FWSC members only.  Non-members can play twice but then need to join the club to continue playing.


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