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FWSC 1st Team - TOC Champions

Our FWSC 1st Team won the coveted Championship Trophy in the Tournament of Champions (TOC) of the US Soccer Adult Association (USASA) for the 14-State Midwest Region after a solid 4:0 win over Lake St. Claire in the final. It is the first time the FWSC wins the TOC Region 2 Trophy since 1980, 39 years ago, when the tournament started.

Here is a short video of joy, winning the Region 2 Trophy

If you want to watch the game, here is the link (the game video will start after a few seconds). There were goal cameras installed providing some great footage on reruns)

The Region 2 championship title allow the team to participate in the upcoming National Championship of the USASA on 16th and 17th of August at Troy Park in Elkridge, Maryland. In the semi-final for the National Championship the FWSC 1st Team will play the Region I champion Lansdowne Yonkers FC of Eastern New York on Friday 16th. The championship final is the following day.


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