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Experiencing Clean-Up Day at FWSC

This is the time we usually travel to see our family in Germany. However this year, our trip is scheduled for later this year. So, it was a great time to join the FWSC clean-up day.

The FWSC is almost 100 years old, so naturally there is much to do. I was glad to see many familiar faces. Mike Bullock who joined the club last night came in early and repaired the hole on the roof of the maintenance shack. Harry Miranada and I also worked on the roof and repaired and replaced missing shingles.

Oliver Reelsen, John Lubia, Mark McKinley, Brian Booker (also joined the club last night), Chris (don't know last name, FWSC Youth maintenance guy), Dave Connor (parent of a FWSC Youth U15 Boys player) and I also helped to build a metal fence around the maintenance equipment next to the shack. Dave Zachrich helped to manage the many project. Kevin Warren tried to revive the failed Franklin water pump. Dean (Youth parent, don't know last name, his daughter Ali and a young soccer player George (my guess is U15 Boys) helped to power wash the stadium bleachers and clean the press box.

Well I learned about roofing and building a fence. Not bad for a Saturday morning.

On the way to lunch (served by the FWSC) I saw a younger player practicing interval sprints on Field #1. Quickly, I turned to Harry and John, asking them why they wouldn't join and train for the upcoming TOC tournament, pointing at the young sprinter. They laughed and went to lunch. I went to the sprinter, trying to find out who he is.

It turned out it was Michael Samour, who joined us then in the clubhouse. Michael is one one of only six Indiana State soccer referees, and the only one living in Fort Wayne. In other words, he is the highest level of referee in Fort Wayne. He was sprinting on Field #1 to train for the upcoming referee fitness test for the "National Level"... we are talking about MLS...

Inside the clubhouse, Michael answered many soccer rule questions and helped us analyze many decision of popular past games, including women world cup. Not many soccer players would be able to meet the fitness level he has to meet to be allowed refereeing an MLS game. I would like to invite Michael to one of our Friday Night Soccer after-game get-together and talk about the task of a referee.

That was a fun Saturday morning. What did you do? Why not joining us the next time? We would love your help.




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