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Friday Night Soccer 7/5 6:30pm, Sunday 8v8 2:00pm and COPA Final at FWSC 4:00pm

That's another packed weekend.

Friday Night Soccer 11 v 11 tonight July 5, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Come on out, bring a white, dark blue and a red jersey.

Sunday 8v8, large goals with goal keeper and referees. If you don't know anything about our Sunday 8v8, this Sunday is a good time for a tryout and/or watch us play. This Sunday we will start at 2:00 pm at the FWSC on Field #5. Bring a white and a dark blue jersey.

After Sunday 8v8, we all watch the Copa America Final at the FWSC, Peru vs. Brazil, starting at 4:00 pm. Let me correct myself, it is Peru beating Brazil for the cup. If you come. please bring a side dish to share, i.e. cold cuts cheese sandwiches and refreshing finger foods. There will be no cooking at the club.


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