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Friday Night Soccer ended after ball disaggregation

Last week's Friday Night Soccer ended with an exploded soccer ball. Nope, it didn't happen on a hard shot from Brad Stout or Arturo Figueroa. In last minute, someone could't hit the target, the ball went over the fence and got hit and driven over by two cars. That was the end of last week's game, a tie but no ball.

Here is the trophy recovered by Jon Ormiston

This Friday, tomorrow 7-12-2019, team members representing the Fort Wayne Sport Club (FWSC) at the TOC will play a scrimmage on Field #3. Field #1 is reserved for all other players. In addition, Jason Schrader will bring his team for practice.

The game on Field #1 has to stop by around 7:50 pm to leave enough time for all members to join the monthly club meeting. We will welcome several new members to the FWSC tomorrow. At 8:00 pm, Field #1 will be used for a FWASL game.

There will be no food truck this Friday since there won't be enough time between game and FWSC meeting to purchase food.


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